Otter Tales Software Inc. is a very, very small game company founded by Chris Salter for the simple purpose of building awesome computer games. Or at least one awesome computer game, and then hopefully more if things go well.

The original plan called for building a game entitled Welcome to the Dungeon, an RPG/turn based strategy game where you take command of monsters and their lair, starting from a goblin-infested hole in the ground and building it up to an epic, ominous dungeon worthy of the land's finest adventurers. And when those adventurers do come in to the dungeon, your minions will be waiting to kill them and take their stuff!

After all, why should the good guys have all the fun?

The problem with that plan was that, as it turns out, that's a REALLY hard game to build. The code was workable, but getting gameplay to work out correctly turned out to be a bit beyond my current skill at game design. So I've temporarily shelved that project.

I'm now working on something new, called... nothing yet, actually. My really crappy working title is Fantasy Strategy, because it's another fantasy-based strategy game. This one's more of a Civ-like game. The premise goes that a group of high-level adventurers defeated a super-powerful baddy, but not quite in time to save the world. As a result, citizens of that world were blasted to some new, uninhabited land, and you've emerged as their leader. Your job is to help rebuild your lost civilisation, but naturally other groups have emerged elsewhere and have every intention of carving out their own kingdoms...